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Snow Shovel Attachment

Snow Shovel Attachment

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Are you thinking about a Stick 4.1 or do you own one (or 4.0) and would also like to take a snow shovel with you. MTNGear are working on a solution. A carbon snow shovel attachment. That weights a fraction of the weight and less bulk than a stand alone snow shovel.

The Stick 4.1's new pick point attachment method makes it much simpler, faster and with less risk of loosing bolts when changing between the pick, pole saw blade or snow shovel.

It has been approximately 2 year since this snow shovel was first prototyped and now with the upgraded Stick 4.1 attachment point we feel that this is an coinvent and useful product to use. 

This will work with our Stick 4.0 and will require the bottom bolt to be completely removed during the Snow Shovel attachment process.

Current prototype weight is 250grams (8.8oz) which we expect to reduce down to approximately 200grams when we upgrade from protype carbon molding to finished molding method that would drastically reduce the resin in the carbon matrix.

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