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MTN Stick - With Free Leash

$320.00$300.00 NZD incl GST

MTNGear Bipod

Product estimated to be ready for shipping on 20 December 2021

From $500.00 NZD incl GST

Picatinny Rails

From $80.00 NZD incl GST

MTNGear 24mm diameter 7mm cal muzzle brake

MTN Muzzle Brakes

From $200.00 NZD incl GST

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About MTN Gear

MTN Gear was created to provide specialised high quality products direct to New Zealand hunters. The goal of MTN Gear is also to provide products and content that assists you to have the most enjoyable and successful hunt possible. 

Currently we stock MTN sticks and the NZ original Trophyhook with many more great value, lightweight, durable and multiuse products to be released soon.

MTN Gear also has a vision of being a location for hunters to share content, learn about other hunters and get reliable advise. We will be sharing our own and would like to help you share yours as well.


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MTNGear Titanium Muzzle Brake

3 July 2021

See our titanium muzzle brake in action helping to stabilize a light weight magnum hunting rifle on uneven ground allowing for self spotting of impact and quick follow ups.

Using A Gas Canisters Refill Adaptor

5 June 2021

How To Use A Gas Canisters Refill Adaptor