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Gas Canister Refill Adaptor

Gas Canister Refill Adaptor

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MTNGear are bringing back Gas Canister Refill Adaptors

Its been a few years since we have stocked these but we continue to get a lot of requests.

The new version have a full brass body construction for better mechanical operation and long term durability.

Tips and Tricks:

  • Know the weight of the gas canister when it was new(full). When filling do not exceed this weight. We recommend writing it on the bottom for future reference.
    • Small approx 200grams
    • Medium approx 380grams
  • Freeze the canister you want to fill.
  • Make sure the adaptor is turned off and connect to non frozen canister first to reduce time out of the freezer and contact with the frozen one.
  • Make sure the frozen canister is on the bottom and turn on the adaptor.
  • Regularly turn adaptor off and disconnect the frozen canister to check weight to gauge fullness.
  • The frozen canister will quickly warm from the environment and the process of filling and the warm canister will also cool. This will slow the speed of filling and can make it difficult to complete the fill. Here are some tips and tricks to assist:
    • Boil the jug and during filling pour the hot water on the canister that gas is being pulled from. This can be poured in the bottom when upside down or over the side if the canister is over the sink.
    • Try avoid filling near full canisters from near empty canisters. This will take a lot of time and multiple go's. Try to combine near empty canisters and then use the combine ones to fill the canister you want to use.
    • Refreezing the cold canister and letting the warm canister to warm up. Sometimes this is required to get the last in to or out of canisters. Particularly if tying to draw gas from a near empty canister. 
  • When finished turn the adaptor on. This reduces pressure on the seals. Not doing so could reduce the life of the seals.

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**Includes adaptor only and does not come with gas canisters.

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