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MTNGear Muzzle Brake Locker

MTNGear Muzzle Brake Locker

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MTN Gear muzzle brake lockers allow our muzzle brakes to be fitted without any gunsmithing and also allow your break to be tuned (depending on your thread length).


We currently have 2 different locker nuts which allow you to select which one suits your muzzle dimensions the best. This system also allows you to change the break to a different rifle that has different muzzle dimensions and get a great fit with little cost. 

Currently we offer: 

  • 24mm(Hardy's/proof Sendero carbon barrel); and
  • 21mm(Proof Sendero lite/Browning Xbolt Hells canyon).

Note: These locker nuts will be close but given the possible variation in barrels that is outside of our control this is a rough guide as to what size will fit or be closest to your muzzle dimensions.

You also require the muzzle brake body.

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100% designed, tested and made in New Zealand

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