MTNGear Muzzle Brake Terms and Conditions

  1. As our products will be used outside our control, we ARE NOT LIABILE from any misuse or other issues that arise during the use of our products.

  2. Shooting a rifle with a muzzle brake is likely damaging to the hearing of both humans and animals in close proximity. The sufficient use of hearing protection and common sense is required.

  3. It is the responsibility of the licenced owner in possession of the rifle to ensure that firearms are handled in a safe manner, including ensuring the hearing of those close by is not compromised.

  4. Our muzzle brakes need to be fitted and timing by someone qualified to do so and ensure proper alignment and clearance.

  5. Our titanium muzzle brakes are designed to wear at approximately the same rate as a rifle barrel. Brake wear can depend on many factors such as barrel length, case capacity and the amount of still burning powder it is exposed too etc. If this is of significant concern, we can manufacture these out of stainless steel.

  6. A muzzle brake provides additional surfaces and locations for corrosive material such as unburnt powder to build up. We recommend removal and cleaning of both the brake and barrel.

  7. The shooter is required to ensure that no foreign material has entered the muzzle brake or barrel prior to shooting the rifle.

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