Stick 4.0 Lengths and Size Guide


What are the sizes you offer?

  • Regular version extendable from 56cm to 98cm (22" to 38.5") and only weighing 565grams(1.25lb).
  • Long version extendable from 67cm to 118cm (26.5" to 46.5") and weighs 610 grams(1.35lb).

Dimensions and weights are approximate. 

What size is best for me?

  • If you are 5ft 10inch and under we recommend the regular version.
  • Between 5ft 10inch and 6ft it is very much going to be personal preference.
  • Over 6ft you would likely prefer the longer as it will be more effective as a walking stick.

These are general recommendations and everyone is different. Other things to consider:

  • The steeper and thicker the terrain the more likely you will prefer the regular version.
  • If you will use the terrain in flatter terrain or have long walks in (e.g. up river valleys) the longer version may be more suitable.
  • Shorter is more packable and much more useful and manageable in thick scrub.
  • If unsure cut some wood to the two max lengths being approximately 98cm and 118cm. Give these a test and see what feel better. Remember that the best way to hold the MTN stick is on top of the head which makes it feel longer compared to a regular walking stick.

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