MTNStick Terms and Conditions

MTN Stick Terms & Conditions

  1. As our products will be used outside our control, MTNGear ARE NOT LIABILE from any misuse or other issues that arise during the use of our products.

  2. The MTN Stick is a multipurpose mountain tool and not strictly a mountaineering accessory. It is designed to be multipurpose item for those trips where you likely do not need an ice axe but the MTN Stick provides that protection if needed.

  3. TheMTNStickisnotdesignedorratedformountaineeringwhere significant ice climbing or belaying etc. Common sense is required.

  4. The MTN Stick is just as useful in summer and has multiple uses including:

    • Walking stick;

    • Assisting in climbing steep sections in and out of the bush:

    • Fly tent pole;

    • Picking rocks out of the ground;

    • Digging holes;

    • Clearing a campsite;

    • Steadying your binoculars while glassing;

    • Pole saw and general saw with provided attachments;

    • Great in river crossings and much sturdier than a trekking pole;


    • Its long reach is useful for hooking a dog by the collar to pull it up

      steep sections etc.

Caring for your MTN Stick

  1. The twist lock is a fine tread and requires caution not to cross tread. If disassembled care is required when reassembling. Often half a twist anticlockwise helps to align it properly. Ensure the treads are free of obstruction and kept clean. Be patient and if not tightening freely try again, it should not need to be forced.

  2. It is very important to keep the joint tread lubricated. If not it can lead to excessive wearing and gouging of itself. It is supplied with a high viscosity oil (we use White Lighting Crystal Grease) but this will dissipate over time and be removed during cleaning. Most greases or the likes of Vaseline will work.

  3. Ensure it is stored dry and in a location out of the sun. During extended periods of no use we recommend disassembly of the head. Aluminium and stainless steel will corrode slowly over time so separation is ideal. It is also recommended to disassemble now and then to check and clean these joints.

  4. While much tougher than a trekking pole the most likely way to damage your product is putting it between large rocks while walking and putting pressure on it. Given the length this can generate huge forces and damage or snap the lower carbon tube.

  5. The pole can be prone to freezing together if it’s below freezing temperatures. A little heat from the sun or body such as holding the joint generally frees it up quickly.

10.When opening the pole up do not do this with extreme force. While the internal components are reasonably durable repeatedly opening with excessive forces may cause internal damage.

11.You agree to our warranty and return policy as outlined on the website.

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