About TrophyHook

TrophyHook was created to provide a strong product that allows easy hanging for showcasing your hard earned trophy.

At TrophyHook, we simply believe that each animal deserves great respect which often includes eating the meat and preserving some other part of animal.
The memory of the hunt and animal can be prolonged throughout many

We offer multiple products, each designed specifically for Red and Fallow Deer (also species such as Sika and Axis), Tahr (and goats), Chamois and Rams along with quality native NZ wood backboards if you desire.  years by simply making the skin or head a lasting, tangible memory.

After rigorous testing on our own trophy heads, we can ensure our handmade product does as it's claimed. Our hooks are simple to install with easy removal of the head.

All product are of quality 100% locally sourced materials being steel and native timber which are crafted in New Zealand.

For information on installation of Trophy Hooks.

Trophyhook™ is produced and owned by Vincent Engineering Limited.

Large Deer Hook


From $14.50 NZD incl GST

Small Trophystand


From $45.00 NZD incl GST