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Currently working on first prototype 

MTNGear are currently part way through the design process with a few parts in hand for the first prototype. We have rethought the rifle design to bring to life a wild new design that like other MTNGear products is more functional firstly and having secondary benefits such as lighter weight. This making your hunts more enjoyable and you more effective in the moment.

Our own rifle has always been the goal and is something we have been chipping away at for about 3 years now, coming up with ideas, CAD designs to visualise the layout and how the mechanisms would work and if it was possible to fit all the features in how we wanted.

This is still very much a work in progress which depends on time, money, life etc. It is hoped that first production for sale is late in 2023. 

We appreciate everyones support to date and all your purchases, social media tags etc help us build towards this goal.

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