Ultralight Gas Stove

Free standing gas stove

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Free standing gas stoveFree standing gas stoveFree standing gas stove

Product Description 

MTN have sourced an ultralight camp stoves to help you charge hard in the mountains.

Ultralight Gas Stove

  • This stove is an incredible 25grams of high grade titanium and throws out a lot of heat to boil your water quickly!!
  • Ideal for the 400ml or 700ml pots.

Ultralight Freestanding Gas Stove

  • This stove is 138grams of high grade titanium with a preheat tube which assists in it putting out extra heat especially when its cold.
  • The ideal use for this stove is with larger pots / fry pans and in winter as it has the preheat tube and allows you to keep the canister of the cold ground. 
  • Ideal for larger pots, frypans and very cold environments.

These stoves screw on to the regular gas canisters you get from outdoor shop.

Used in conjunction with a titanium pot we believe these are by far the lightest option for cooking in the backcountry.

Product Includes

  • 1 ultralight titanium stove of your choice.

Note: Gas canister not included.



$110.00$82.50 NZD incl GST