MTNGear Titanium Muzzle Brake

See our titanium muzzle brake in action helping to stabilize a light weight magnum hunting rifle on uneven ground allowing for self spotting of impact and quick follow ups.

Using A Gas Canisters Refill Adaptor

How To Use A Gas Canisters Refill Adaptor

Spotting Scope Objective and Weight Calculations

A review of weights and objective sizes of popular spotting scopes to determine the best light gathering ability vs weight.

Spotter Caps Prototype

Follow the process of making the first carbon fibre spotting scope lens protector prototype.

Tahr Aging

Tahr Aging by Joseph Peters

MTN Gear Muzzle Brake Testing

Video #9 - Family tahr hunt

Hunting rutting tahr in New Zealand's mountains. Lizzie shoots a nice bull tahr for the floor.

Video #8 - Another man's stag

Hunting for roaring red stags in New Zealand's mountains. Matt finds a nice public land stag and another hunter. Check it out for the full story.

Solo hunting

There is something special about being the hills alone. Being self sufficient, managing risk, making your own decisions and refreshing the mind are all key components that makes solo hunting so therapeutic and gives one the sense of accomplishment.

Teenage girls are taking up arms, and proving a better shot than the boys

An interesting article about young woman in hunting and shooting sports.

Hunter dies on tahr hunt

21 year old man dies while hunting for tahr on the West Coast of New Zealand.

Predator Free 2050: A flawed conservation policy

Wayne Linklater & Jamie Steer critical of Predator Free 2050

Victoria University Article on Predator Free 2050

Research shows that Predator Free 2050 assumptions are incorrect and that complete eradication of predators is not possible - Credit Victoria University News

How to refill your gas canister

How to use a refill adaptor to top up your partially used gas canister.

Video #7 A tale of average hunters and some lucky deer

In this video Fraser and I hunt red deer in the mountains of New Zealand. Got within 15m on two deer but could not make it happen on either. Always tough coming away empty handed when it we had such great opportunities but that's all part of the experience. Check it out for the full story.

Video #6 New Zealand Red Deer Hunting

In this video Coco and I hunt red deer in the mountains of New Zealand. Numerous animals seen with a young stag taken on the way out. Check it out for the full story.

Video #5 New Zealand High Country Stag Hunt

In this video I tagged along with Blair for a hunt in the high country. Numerous animals and a good stag seen. Check it out for the full story.

Video #4 Overnight mountain hunt with family, North Canterbury, New Zealand

Getting out hunting in the high country with my mother. Getting the chopper in and walking out. Deer and chamois seen with nothing taken.

Tikka Bolt Breakdown and Titanium Handle Installation

If you want to see how to breakdown a Tikka T3 bolt to clean and oil the inside or to install the titanium bolt handle.

Government against researching technolodgy which could eradicate pests without using toxic chemicals.

While researchers do not believe Predator Free 2050 is possible or best for diversity there is one method that cold assist in reaching this goal. However, the minister has blocked research into these methods.

Video #3 Summer stag hunting in North Canterbury, New Zealand.

Follow Matt on a multi night hunt looking for old velvety stags. Lots of deer, goats and pigs seen. South Island of New Zealand.

Video #2 - Overnight hunt looking for old stags. Lots of animals seen, none taken. Canterbury, New Zealand.

Follow Matt and Coco on a overnight hunt looking for old velvety stags. Lots of deer, goats and chamois seen. South Island of New Zealand Date: 18 - 19 Jan 2019 To follow Matt on Instagram search or go to

Geoff Kerr reviews DOC's Tahr count and its accuracy

Worth a watch if you are interested in the Tahr population and how DOC have assessed the population. DOC's estimates are not much of a count and much more a possible range using limited data which is how such a wide range (17,348 to 53,930) is given. Something that is also worth noting is how low DOC's count of deer was.

Video #1 - Hunting for chamois in the mountains of New Zealand's South Island

Follow Matt on a weekend chamois hunt in the South Island of New Zealand. Date: 23 - 25 Nov 2018. Chamois (Rupicapra rupicapra) is a species of goat-antelope native to mountains in Europe. The chamois has also been introduced to the South Island of New Zealand where it is a treasured animal for its inquisitive nature, meat, skin and unusual shaped horns.

Writeup #4 - South Canterbury Tahr Rut

Queens birthday weekend means two things, the tahr are rutting and a long weekend to get after it. Matt and Coco shoot a nice bull in South Canterbury. May 2018

Writeup #3 - Elk hunt

Bugle trip in to Fiordland, seeing some great sights, having a great time and shooting a elk bull in an area that holds few elks. April 2018

Writeup #1 - NY Tahr hunt

Hunting tahr in some difficult terrain over the 2017/2018 new year period. Seeing tahr climbing 300 meter bluff systems made for incredible watching and difficult hunting. Check out the article for more information about our trip and to see some of the amazing sights.