About MTNGear

MTNGear was created by Matt to provide specialised high quality products direct to New Zealand hunters. The goal of MTNGear is also to provide products and content that assists you to have the most enjoyable and successful hunt possible. 

Matt enjoys making quality products for himself that aren't able to be purchased of-the-shelf from other retailers. MTNGear will be making available suitable products hand made by Matt for fellow hunters along with other quality products that MTNGear is able to source at better rates than traditional retailers. 

Currently we stock MTNGear sticks and the NZ original Trophyhook with many more great value, lightweight, durable and multiuse products to be released soon.

MTNGear also has a vision of being a location for hunters to share content, learn about other hunters and get reliable advise. We will be sharing our own and would like to help you share yours as well.

We are currently looking for regular weekend warriors who like to get out in the mountains and are willing to share their hunts. If you have made an amateur video or trip write up we would love to share that and help you get your name out there so others can discover your content.